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Open Letter to Telangana Industrial Health Clinic Ltd

News Letter Open Letter to Telangana Industrial Health Clinic Ltd Date: 19/12/2018 I have read with interest the article "TIHCL Revives Ailing Small Business and Leverages Microsoft's Digital". As all my readers may be aware that M/S Growth Idea Lab is also working for the revival of sick MSME Units and I agree with TIHCL about the need for stressed asset resolution is not charity work rather it has the potential to deliver viable remuneration returns is handled effectively. Our strategy is in 4 pillars and the steps required to be taken are to be induced in controlled dosages like medicines and every step of its effect are to be measured for its effectiveness. One pillar which we feel is the application of behavioural science as every stakeholder is human and emotional involvement and dilemma resolution is very critical in crisis phase. Also, the application of Lean Manufacturing in case of manufacturing MSME will also create a lot of value for MSME. Our suggestion is to create…