Saturday, May 25, 2019

The goldmine in MSMEs

Do you want to know the goldmine equivalent opportunities in MSMEs?

The Unexplored Goldmine is the way to go.

This is Nilesh Desai, a veteran social entrepreneur passionately working on the revival of sick MSME units in India for the last 39 years.

There are around 6.3 crore MSME units currently operating in India of which 10% are sick. When MSME fails due to financial difficulty, it’s not only an economic loss for its owners but it also leads to the loss of employment of people working in it. 
Now I am at that stage of life where I trying to give back to society. I am pretty sure I can create a great impact using my knowledge and experience and this is what drives my passion towards reviving sick MSMEs. I again believe my goal can affect thousands of lives in a positive way.

The book will be a journey through case studies, and real-life stories of entrepreneurs who struggle to tackle difficult problems to keep their firms up and running. It would be a chance for social entrepreneurs to realize the opportunities that lie hidden in the revival of sick MSMEs. Additionally, the book will be an eye-opener to students who aspire to be entrepreneurs in the future, and also for stakeholders in the MSME sector.
The book "The Unexplored Goldmine - The opportunities in the revival of sick MSMEs" is going to be launched on 21st June 2019. The presale of the book ends on 17th June 2019. So, Hurry up! Avail the offer soon. The cost of the book is:
India:  Presale: Rs. 250*
    Sale: Rs. 350*
Rest of the World:  Presale: $5*
        Sale: $7*
Shipping Charges will be added extra
You can order either from the Indiegogo page or pay directly to
Name: Nilesh Desai
Bank: Andhra Bank
A/C No: 052610100120763  
IFSC Code: ANDB0000526
And inform the same via WhatsApp (9885326553) or mail to
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Nilesh Desai 
Address: B-1, 1st Floor, Cooperative Industrial Estate, Balanagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500037

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