Tuesday, June 18, 2019

“Make in India” can be enhanced by the revival of sick MSME units

 “Make in India” can be enhanced by the revival of sick                                                  MSME units
From Late 2014, Govt of India has started various programs/scheme to enhance employment in the ecosystem.
As per MSME Pulse June issue, the amount of Rs.81000 cr is in NPA for MSME.
Our estimate shows that if these units get closed, about 1cr jobs will be lost.
We have developed an equity kind of investment in loan range of 1Cr to 10cr. If their bankers are open to this experiment.
We appeal to all stakeholders to look into the possibility of pilot experiment with predetermined parameters on a certain time scale so the results can be evolved.

3 lac of emergency line of credit has only sanctioned 32000 crore as on 16/6

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