Sunday, June 21, 2020

3 lac of emergency line of credit has only sanctioned 32000 crore as on 16/6

When the government granted an emergency line of credit only 32000crore are sanctioned indicates possibilities.
1) Banks are asking many documents, these delays.
2) entrepreneurs are not in a hurry to avails
This first possibility has a higher chance as brach level officials are reluctant and make the entrepreneur run down the pillar to post.
Personally, I would like that entrepreneur shall not use this facility as they have already made losses because of salary and other expenses during the lockdown and after unlocking, labor, supply chain and the customer may not align in first 6 months and his plans may wear of 20 to 60% during this time hence unit will make cash losses or made marginal cash generation. It may not possible to service the interest of this additional amount hence unit slipping in NPA in first 6 to 12 months chances are very high so entrepreneur may be cash loses

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