Tuesday, June 4, 2019

RBI constitutes expert committee on MSME

RBI Constitutes expert committee on MSME

RBI circular dated 02/01/2019 for above, all committee members expect Shri Mishra are connected with MSME.
From 1969, every central and state government had encouraged the MSME sector for their own purpose. To create one job in MSME  50000 to 300000 capital investment is required.where as for the large industry to create one job in MSME 50lacs to a few crore capital investment may require.
In the last 5 decades, all the stakeholder's had tried to find out a suitable ecosystem for growth. Unfortunately, 90000cr NPA's in this sector but no survey has been done to find out how many jobs are at stake. The suicides are more in this sector than farmers.
All media and politician are not noticing it and I appeal to all stakeholders for MSME ecosystem has to become aware of this fact.
We have developed a model for the revival of sick MSME by equity model.
I hope RBI should form a sub-committee where MSME entrepreneurs, consultants should be included.

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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Book campaign

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