Saturday, February 8, 2020


We are holding a seminar in Warangal on 14th Feb at 5:00 in Warangal Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the topic "Opportunities in the Agri-Commodities", by EDII & Yes Bank CSR Project & SMEA Analytics Pvt Ltd. Please circulate this message.


"NPA & Stress-related issues of MSME" by EDII & Yes Bank CSR Project & SMEA Analytics Pvt Ltd holding a seminar on 15th Feb. DC Office will be Chief Guest and Sridhar Ramchandran of IndiaNivesh also will present, one of the topics will be how NBFC can help OTS cases, Legal, RBI, take over finance, & similar issues will be addressed. Mr.Gangishetty Srinivas,  lawyer of High Court will handle the legal aspects. Date:  15th Feb. #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurs #smeanalytics #industry #msme #finance #economy #5trillion #RBI #Legal #Seminar

For jobs

We are social Fintech Startup for MSME. We are looking for graduates for the survey. Please contact :
Mobile: 8639142056

3 lac of emergency line of credit has only sanctioned 32000 crore as on 16/6

When the government granted an emergency line of credit only 32000crore are sanctioned indicates possibilities. 1) Banks are asking many...