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About Us

Growth Idea Lab is the brainchild of Mr. N.P. Desai. He is the founder of the company. Mr. N.P Desai B.E. metallurgy from 1974 batch of M.S. University. Baroda has got wide experience (41 years) in the engineering industry.
During his career he has revived / rehabilitated 5 units who are going strong. He has got wide knowledge in MSME (Micro Small Medium Enterprises) and he is in various committee & RBI representing the interest of MSME unit.
Growth Idea Lab celebrates the spirit of entrepreneur and acknowledges their immense contribution in driving India's growth story. This is a pioneering concept to assist the Indian entrepreneurs by backing them in all financial, investment and technical decisions.

N.P Desai
Chief Consultant
Mob: 9885326553


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Giriraj Singh Says 80000 cr NPA in MSME

A recent statement made by the honourable minister of MSME (Independent charge) in parliament. The point which is not brought out is 1cr jobs are at stake, i.e., if govt can save this by any measures capital cost/job is only 80000/-. They are promoting “Make in India” “manufacturing 4”, Digital technology penetration for improving “efficiency” etc. It is time for govt and RBI to become proactive. This may require policy changes but if they implement existing policies also 40% problem can be resolved. Banks, at a lower level, want to become unit NPA and transfer the file to their stressed asset management branch. While RBI has classified SMA0, SMA1, SMA2 and corrective action plan with timelines. I would be happy to know, which bank has followed a timeline? Can the survey be done? Can the official concern be punished?

Digital Marketing

You may be well aware that GENERATION ‘X’ and GENERATION ‘Y’ are now in vogue.But by 2025 we will have GENERATION ‘C’.What does it mean?

World Economic Forum Predicts that by 2025,INTERNET PENETRATION AND SMARTPHONE

PENETRATION will be 90% of the world population.It means People will not read news papers and magazines in today’s format.So how will you advertise and reach your Targeted Customers?

We will have to use social media to promote our products.
Surprisingly it costs practically nothing.

Please start using Facebook,Google,Twitter and Many other platforms to promote your products.

You may take online course on Digital Marketing for free from OPEN MIND AGENCY or other many more companies.

Also known as the mother of all engineering, it is the oldest, broadest, most simple and useful of all engineering sciences.

12 Point Agenda for MSME

News Letter 12 Point Agenda for MSME Date:11/11/2018 Sri Modi announced new MSME policy on 2nd NOV One Point which attracted my attention is an effort to create deep bill discounting culture which is a need of the hour. As the requirement any corporate above 500cr do not register on Tradex, bill discounting platform, what happens to MSME? From Independence we have gone on the penalty based system, can we change to the incentive-based system so that the real impact to all MSME can come. Let policymakers think and work out ways for it.
Regards,N.P. Desai