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  • Mr.S.A Raghu(Independent Consultant)has written in BUSINESS LINE on 18/04/2016 that 99% of loan accounts are in MSMe, Retail and Home loan.
  • But amount wise it is 4 to 5% total advances that are aprx. 6000 to 8000cr.This is very small compared to one large corporate loan.
  • The loans were given by directions by Govt. of India, and RBI for social welfare and upliftment of society.Also employment.
  • On 16/04/2016, another article in BUSINESS LINE, says 1.8 lac court cases are a field for the loan amount of 1.2 lac cr.
  • RBI time to time comes out with various guidelines/directives but the same is not followed by bank branch managers and they are either arrogant/negligent.
  • As there is no personal penalty for non.performance, Branch managers and credit officers take things very lightly.
  • But this creates social disorder as entrepreneur family is first causality and employment is second big causality.

I request all to react and give their opinion and if you like, you may share with your friends for opinions

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