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RBI Governor and Deputy Governor say increase in NPA may be because of entrepreneurs fault or banks negligence or external factor.

In Telangana from 2008 to 2014, there was severe power cut and because of bifurcation agitation, we had more non-working days than working days.

Some units with thinner equity had no reliance power and stamina.No other financial instruments being available except debt (both from boxes and PVT) has eroded they are staying power.

All India forums for small and medium enterprise have raised their voice but banks have their own agenda to pursue SARFAESI and recovery without hearing the plight of the same unit.

RBI, time to time have given policy corrections but it does not read the operation levels i.e; chief manager of branch or field officer.

For a 5000 crore NPA in MSME sector involving some 10 to 12 lakhs accounts, but employer 1 to 2 crore jobs are treated very badly.

Time has come to revolt against the existing system of NPA classification in the manufacturing sector where their advances are reasonably secured but banks are hesitating to take actions in time.

RBI has stipulated time limit for every possible revival efforts, but it is neglected or/are not adhered to.

Please reply your opinion which will be very useful to push the remedies for the cause.

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