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News Letter: Injustice for MSME done by all stakeholders Vijaya bank in Particular

News Letter
Injustice for MSME done by all stakeholders Vijaya bank in Particular

Last few News Letter, I am trying to bring to the notice of all my readers, that how Vijayabank is behaving in case of Adhya Industries, Balanagar, Hyderabad financed by Somajiguda, Hyderabad.
For the last two months, Growth Idea Lab has moved the various proposal to ED and AGM (recovery) Vijayabank but they are not Keen to resolve.

In thousand of the case, they all public sector banks, pursue two prolonged approaches, even not respecting, Reserve Bank of India and Honorable high court (AP&Telangana) guidelines/orders.
So lefthand does not know, what right hand is doing.

The situation is similar to If the pencil falls on paper or paper falls on a pencil, Paper only gets punctured.

Similarly, in the above case, 30 workers are getting punished for no fault of them and MSME entrepreneur.

Can Sri Giriraj Singh, Dr Pandya, MSME Secretary Development Commissioner Sri Mishra who are supposed to take care of MSME or Sri Urjit Patel of Reserve Bank of India, can notice so that this kind of Situation is avoided or reduced.
This is not good for Make in India movement.

Also Chief Manager, Vijaya Bank disconnect phone without full discussion.

Many officers, under various pressures, work without using their fair judgements.
Can Six cr MSME join against this?

                   Happy Diwali
N.P. Desai

Chief Consultant
Mob: 9885326553


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